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Statement of Purpose

Our concern is the overall economic effectiveness of our clients - employers, employees, and contractors - with special emphasis placed on the separate needs of each, as well as the mutual needs, in high-impact, frequently ignored, and typically neglected areas.

For the Employer we want to ensure that:

 • compensation & benefits planning, administration, and communications resources are readily available and that compensation & benefits are linked to organizational effectiveness to produce a satisfying Return on Investment

For the Employee / Contractor we want to ensure that:

 • a full spectrum of personal economic effectiveness resources are readily available. Both personal financial effectiveness resources and personal self-sufficiency effectiveness resources.

For the Employer / Employee / Contractor Collective we want to ensure that:

 • resources to increase employer economic effectiveness contribute to, rather than detract from, employee economic effectiveness.
 • resources to increase employee economic effectiveness contribute to, rather than detract from, employer economic effectiveness.

The values we honor and respect in our pursuit of these desirable changes include:

Intellectual Responsibility Providing scientifically appropriate, precise, timely, reliable, and useful information.
Cost Effectiveness Producing more and better results with less cost and less effort for everyone concerned.
Comprehensiveness Attending to the full range of information that composes the entire process of effectiveness - from beginning to end.
Vision Promoting and practicing awareness of the "big picture" of effectiveness as a foundation for balanced action and balanced results.
Competence Acquiring and maintaining the skills necessary to provide exceptional service.
Inspiration Operating from an environment and service delivery presense that is consciously selected for elevating and transporting the human spirit to a grand, magnificent and breathtaking space that is unequivocally well beyond the mundane, ordinary and commonplace in our field - a quality firm, delivering quality service with quality tools from a quality environment.

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Mission Statement

We make our contribution by providing comprehensive and integrated solutions for organizations, including employers, employees, and contractors - systems solutions that make a worthwhile and lasting contribution to the individual and organizational effectiveness - and system solutions that regard the mutual and separate needs of organizations, including employers, employees, and contractors.

We make our contribution to organizations, including employers, employees, and contractors by emphasizing our distinctive competence as a:

Research an Development Organization

Marketing Organization

Training Organization

Planning Organization

Consulting Organization

and a

Public Speaking & Publishing Organization

By emphasizing our distinctive competence we appropriately serve our clients and stakeholders and perform in the upper pentile of our industry
- definitively demonstrating that we are a performance leader.

Copyright 2019, The PCA Companies. All Rights Reserved